February 7, 2017

COUNCIL MINUTES – February 6, 2017

 The Town Council met on Monday, February 6, 2017, 6:30 p.m.. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Adams. Present on roll call were Mayor Adams, Reynolds, Dunn, Gleason Jr., Barnes and Miller-Borg.


Motion made by Miller-Borg approving prior minutes, 2nd Gleason Jr. & approved by Council.


  Ayes:  Miller-Borg, Gleason Jr., Reynolds, Dunn & Barnes.

  Nays:  None.


Mayor Adams informed the Council that the sewer pumps have been delivered, and we had to purchase a bracket for the last pump we purchased for $775. The pumps, including the bracket, were $6,553.00 and $3,975.00 totaling $ 11,303.00.


The Mayor’s Association breakfast will be on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017, 7:30 a.m. in Pell City. The president of Jacksonville State University will be the guest speaker.


Mayor Adams informed the Council that the bay door at the Fire Hall was fixed for

$770.00, which included service calls for December & January.


Mayor Adams let the Council know the total to the Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Police Academy for Bradley Siewert and Caleb Wise is $3,120.00.


The sign at the Ashville baseball field is up for renewal for $250 and Adams mentioned that we have several of Steele residents that participate in the baseball program. Motion was made by Barnes approving the $250 to renew the baseball sign, 2nd Dunn & approved by Council.


              Ayes:  Barnes, Dunn, Reynolds, Gleason Jr. & Miller-Borg.

  Nays:  None.



The Town appoints the library board members, per Resolution 2009-009. After discussion, motion was made by Miller-Borg to stagger the terms for the Library board members, 2nd Reynolds & approved by Council.     


 Ayes:  Miller-Borg, Reynolds, Dunn, Gleason Jr., & Barnes.

                                                 Nays:  None.     


                            Holly Silor – 4 years                          Rose Gidley – 4 years

    Catherine Taylor – 3 years               Kristey Hutchins – 2 years

                Kimberly Gilbert – 1 year



The next Council meeting will be Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 6:30 p.m..


Mayor Adams read off the Fire/Medic calls report for the month of  January.


Bradley Siewert sent the Town an invoice for $150, $50/hr for 2 hours of service on computer assistance for the Police vehicle, Police Chief’s office computer, and the town’s website maintenance. Motion was made by Reynolds approving to pay Bradley Siewert $150 for his work on the Police computers and Town Web page maintenance, 2nd Barnes & approved by Council.


                                                  Ayes:  Reynolds, Barnes, Dunn, Gleason Jr. & Miller-Borg.

  Nays:  None.


Council Minutes

February 6, 2017

Page 2


Mayor Adams stated that if we had an Alabama Drug-Free Workplace Policy, that meets the guidelines for the State, we can get an additional 5% to our 3% off on our Safety Discount on our Municipal Worker’s Compensation Fund. 

Motion was then made by Miller-Borg to approve and adopt the Alabama Drug-Free Workplace policy for the Town of Steele Employees, 2nd Barnes & approved by Council.


Ayes:  Miller-Borg, Barnes, Reynolds, Dunn & Gleason Jr.

                Nays:  None.


Adams let everyone know that we issued a go ahead with the construction on the Storm Shelter, so we are just waiting on the Contractor to begin the excavating work.


Dunn asked if we want to move forward with a spring cleanup day?

He also mentioned he would like to find somewhere else for the Hannah Home box to be moved to.


Gleason Jr. asked Wilburn Smith, a Water Board member, to give a Water report for the Council & citizens to know what’s going on through out the Town.

Also, he asked what the July 4th budget is?

We are going to continue using who we normally have in the past and have the July 4th festivities on Tuesday, July 4th.


Barnes suggests we start having a work session at the end of each quarter, to discuss end of quarter things and upcoming ideas for the Town. It was agreed that our first work session will be held Monday, March 27, 2017.


Our attorney, Richard Rhea, is looking over a Tobacco-Free Resolution that we will need to approve and adopt once we hear back from him.


Barbara Khajavi asked if anyone has heard about an Indian Reservation casino coming to the Megasite area?


There being no further business, motion made by Barnes to adjourn, 2nd Miller-Borg, adjourned at 7:25 p.m..