April 6, 2020

COUNCIL MINUTES – April 6, 2020

The Town Council of the Town of Steele, Alabama, met in Regular Session at 6:30 PM on Monday, April 6, 2020 via teleconference. The following members were present:

Present: Roger Adams, Mayor
Richard Reynolds, Councilmember Michael Stevens, Councilmember Philip Gleason Jr., Councilmember Nancy Miller-Borg, Councilmember Rick Barnes, Councilmember

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Adams, who then asked Councilmember Reynolds to lead everyone in a word of prayer.

The Town Council having read the minutes from the Regular Council Meeting on Monday, March 16, 2020, motion was made by Councilmember Miller-Borg to approve the minutes, seconded by Councilmember Stevens. and approved by the Town Council.

Ayes: Gleason Jr., Stevens, Miller-Borg and Reynolds Abstain: Barnes
Nays: None.

Ordinance No. 2020-002 (annexation of the Deweese property into the city limits) was brought up by Mayor Adams. Motion to approve Ordinance 2020-002 was made by Councilmember Miller-Borg, seconded by Councilmember Gleason Jr., and approved by the Council.
Ayes: Reynolds, Stevens, Gleason Jr., Barnes, Miller-Borg Nays: None

Mayor Adams stated that the Display Cabinet for the Bible donated by Mrs. O’Barr and other items was available from Long Furniture for $729.00 ($699.00 plus $30.00, shipping). Motion was made by Councilmember Gleason Jr. to approve the purchase of this cabinet, seconded by Councilmember Reynolds and approved by the Council.

Mayor Adams addressed the expenses incurred for installing a generator at Fire Station #1. The original bid was $8,000.00 (including $500.00 for plumbing gas lines). Due to difficulty getting a plumber to get licensed to work in Steele, and the plumbing job involving more work than was originally estimated, the total cost of installing the generator came to
$8485.00. A deposit of $2,000 has already been paid, leaving the remaining balance due of
$6485.00. Mayor Adams stated that the generator is up and running. Motion made to approve the additional costs incurred for installing the generator at Fire Station #1 made by Councilmember Miller -Borg, seconded by Councilmember Barnes and approved by the Council.

Ayes: Reynolds, Stevens, Gleason Jr., Barnes, Miller-Borg Nays: None

Mayor Adams brought up the voting machines needed for the upcoming election. We have

Mayor Adams reminded the Council that each member had received a proposed constitutional change from the League of Municipalities, which should be read and a decision made in the future of who will attend.

Fire Chief Martin stated that due to COVID-19 he felt it was necessary to have a paramedic on duty 24 hours a day. This is to protect both the community and the Fire Department, volunteers. Chief Martin said that some of the cost of this addition will be reimbursed through FEMA. Councilmember Miller-Borg asked if this would be on a month to month basis and Chief Martin stated that he felt that it was important at this time and the necessity of continuing this should be re-visited at the next Council Meeting on May 06, 2020.

Fire Chief Martin stated that there is one confirmed case of COVID-19 in our community and he and Police Chief Ward feel like there will be problems containing this case as this individual did not abide by the required 14 day quarantine. Councilmember Miller-Borg made a motion to approve having a 24 hour paramedic on duty until the next Council Meeting, which will be on May 06, 2020. Seconded by Councilmember Barnes and approved by the Council.

Ayes: Reynolds, Stevens, Gleason Jr., Barnes, Miller-Borg Nays: None

Mayor Adams noted that we received a Silver award for 2019 from the Alabama Municipal
Insurance Corporation Loss Control Division.

Also mentioned by Mayor Adams was the Statement of Economic Interest Forms are due no later than April 20, 2020. These can be filled out on-line or by a paper copy. There are copies in the office if someone needs one.

Police Chief Ward stated that the Police Department has had to address some people hanging out in groups, and asked them to disperse. He stated that with regard to the individual who was diagnosed with COVID-19, it had been noted that he had been to Gadsden to pick up yard supplies. Mayor Adams asked if there was anything that can be done to keep this person quarantined. Chief Ward stated that they can be charged with a
$500 misdemeanor fine. Councilmember Barnes asked if the cameras picked up his car driving to and from various places. Chief Ward stated that they just pick up the license plate, not the individual driving the vehicle. He stated that they are and will continue to monitor the situation

Mayor Adams stated that he and Chief Ward had discussed the Policemen getting paid time and a half for overtime during COVID-19. He said that he had discussed this with Richard Rhea (lawyer for Steele) and his response was that yes, it is permissible but to be sure to document everything. He did say there is no guarantee that monies will be reimbursed though. Councilmember Miller-Borg asked why they were requesting time and a half. Chief Ward responded that they will need more than one patrol unit out at a

Councilmember Reynolds stated that there needs to be discussion about the vacancy on the Water Works Board, that needs to be discussed. He stated that he has checked with the Ethics Board and was told that we can declare a vacancy and appoint someone to that Board. Councilmember Reynolds brought up that a current Town employee, Joey Haynes would be an option as a candidate for this vacancy. Councilmember Miller-Borg stated that she feels it is a conflict of interest and asked if any other Councilmembers knew of someone that would be interested in serving this position. Councilmember Barnes ask if the Ethics Board knew that Mr; Haynes would be working with the Water Board at times.
Councilmember Reynolds responded that yes they did. Mayor Adams ask if there were any other nominees for this vacancy, John Wilcox Jr., was mentioned but said he does not have time. Councilmember Reynolds made a motion to nominate Joey Haynes to the vacancy on the Water Works Board seconded by Councilmember Miller-Borg and approved by the Council.

Ayes: Reynolds, Stevens, Gleason Jr., Barnes, Miller-Borg Nays: None

Councilmember Gleason Jr., asked if spraying for mosquitoes had started yet. Mayor Adams responded that it had not been started yet, but would be soon. Councilmember Gleason Jr., stated that everything is set for the July 4th celebration but the future is uncertain due to COVID-19. Councilmember Gleason Jr., stated that he had a discussion with Hobart McClendon with Crossmark Pest Control about spraying. He stated that they will shortly be certified and have the equipment to spray buildings, homes, etc. for Corona Virus and other infectious diseases.

Councilmember Stevens asked if the Council had any interest in getting another dumpster right away, since the previous one had been filled up so quickly. Councilmember Miller­ Borg inquired as to what the cost would be for an additional dumpster. Councilmember Stevens responded that they are approximately $300 – $500 per container and the next dumpster is scheduled for June 19 – 26, 2020. Councilmember Miller-Borg stated that it may be good to wait a few weeks to get another one brought out. Mayor Adams mentioned that since people were home and doing a lot of cleaning up, it may be a good idea to go ahead and have one brought out. Councilmember Barnes asked if there was any way to monitor who uses the dumpsters. Councilmember stated that when the next dumpster is delivered, he plans on getting the trailer for cardboard delivered sooner than was previously done. Both Police Chief Ward and Fire Chief Martin stated that they felt like we should not have one delivered until after the Emergency Order is lifted, which is April 30, 2020. Councilmember Stevens stated that he would schedule it for May 1st• There was discussion about whether a 40 a 50 yard dumpster would be needed. Councilmember Miller-Borg made a motion to have a 50 yard dumpster brought out once the Emergency Orders are lifted, seconded by Gleason Jr. and approved by the Council.

Ayes: Reynolds, Stevens, Gleason Jr., Barnes, Miller-Borg Nays: None

Councilmember Barnes stated that there were three bids for repainting the exterior of the

Council Minutes
April 06, 2020,
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Councilmember Barnes mentioned speed breakers on Lakeview Street. He stated that a 3″ will slow a vehicle down to 20 -25 mph. We would need a 14 ft wide speed breaker that would be rubber and would bolt to the road. The cost of each one is $618.85. Mayor Adams stated that he would like to look for a better deal on the cost of the speed breakers.

Councilmember Miller-Borg stated that National Night Out was scheduled for October 13, and that we are officially sanctioned.

Mayor Adams brought up that the Library is closed, due to COVID-19. He stated that the librarian, Lynda Fann only had 3 patrons last week. She has put a notice on the door with her phone number and will come and assist any patrons that need the library services. She has been sent home until the Emergency Orders are lifted.

Mayor Adams said that the next Council Meeting will be on Monday, April 20, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

With there being no further business to come before this Regular Council Meeting of April 6, 2020, Councilmember Barnes made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded Councilmember Gleason Jr, and adjourned at 7:45 P.M.

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Donna Ambrosius, Town Clerk