January 18, 2017

COUNCIL MINUTES – January 17, 2017

The Town Council met on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 6:30 p.m.. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Adams. Present on roll call were Mayor Adams, Reynolds, Dunn,

Gleason Jr., Barnes & Miller-Borg.


Motion made by Miller-Borg approving prior minutes, 2nd Barnes & approved by Council.


  Ayes:  Miller-Borg, Barnes, Reynolds, Dunn and Gleason Jr.

  Nays:  None.


Jason Roberts & Don Smith with the Economic Development Council (EDC) were present and Smith spoke about the EDC.


Librarian Lynda Fann, was present, and advised that she & Judy Douglas, the St. Clair County Library Director, have appointed the new library board for the next 4 years.


    Holly Silor – Chairperson                      Rose Gidley – Vice-Chairperson

    Catherine Taylor – Secretary                Kristey Hutchins

    Kimberly Gilbert


Fann let us know that the Board has a bunch of ideas planned for the upcoming year, including 6 programs lined up for this summer on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m.. They are also hoping to develop a new “teen” program soon.

Fann also mentioned she has a Summer Reading Program meeting in Montgomery on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 and requested her sub, Holly Silor, to fill in on this day and any other days she has to be gone to library related functions. Fann also asked about the library buying a microwave.

Motion was made by Barnes to purchase the library a new microwave up to $75 and to also let Silor work when Fann needs to be off, 2nd Miller-Borg & approved by Council.


              Ayes:  Barnes, Miller-Borg, Reynolds, Dunn and Gleason Jr.

              Nays:  None.


Mayor Adams read the 2016 yearly Fire/Medic report off.


Adams mentioned that the Pre-Construction Conference on the Storm Shelter went really well and they are waiting on the excavation work to begin.


The EDC Investor Breakfast will be held Thursday, January 19, 2017, 8:00 a.m. at the Heritage House in Odenville and they will be touring in Steele around 1:00 p.m..


The sewer pump at the lift station #2, right behind the Shell Station, went out and we need to think about getting backups for each of the stations. After discussion, motion was made by Miller-Borg approving to order a new sewer pump up to $7,000.00 for the lift station #2, 2nd Gleason Jr. & approved by Council.


              Ayes:  Miller-Borg, Gleason Jr., Reynolds, Dunn and Barnes.

  Nays:  None.


Council Minutes

January 17, 2017

Page 2


The cart tipper for the Public Service guys to use on the garbage route was tabled at the last meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. After discussion was made, motion was made by Reynolds to table until a future date, 2nd Gleason Jr. & approved by Council.


              Ayes:  Reynolds, Gleason Jr., Dunn, Barnes and Miller-Borg.

  Nays:  None.


In October 2016, Terry Wicks done some work at the ballfield on the lights that were struck by lightning during a storm. The St. Clair County Disaster Relief let Wicks use their boom truck for 5 hours. Adams would like us to send The Disaster Relief $250, 5 hours at $50/hr, for the use of their time and truck. Motion made by Barnes approving to send $250 to The St. Clair County Disaster Relief, 2nd Reynolds & approve by Council.


 Ayes:  Barnes, Reynolds, Dunn, Gleason Jr., and Miller-Borg.

 Nays:  None.


The Municipal Workers Comp. is due by February 1, 2017 and we had an increase since last year. The total for this year is $28,520.00, with last year’s being $13,563.48 with an increase of $14,956.52. We had to fill out the 2017 Safe Workplace Guidelines form, which will give us an additional 4% discount once they receive it back making our total $27,379.20. After discussion, motion was made by Barnes to pay The Workers Comp., 2nd Reynolds & approved by Council.


 Ayes:  Barnes, Reynolds, Dunn, Gleason Jr., and Miller-Borg.

 Nays:  None.


Reynolds passed out a draft of approved expenditures that the Council have approved in the Council Meetings. The auditor had suggested we do this often and pass out at meetings.

Reynolds also is planning a Finance meeting for the 1st Quarter.


Dunn mentioned that the Fire/Police Appreciation Dinner will be Saturday,

January 21, 2017, 6:00 p.m., at Breaking Bread. The UFOS has reservations for 40 responders & their spouse. Dunn also let us know that all the churches have stepped up and everything is paid for already and anyone is welcome to come volunteer to serve or decorate.

Dunn brought up about the $1,000 reward/donation that’s still going on for the information leading up to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons that were involved with placing nails in council member’s driveways.

Dunn & Gleason Jr. are going to start getting ideas together for July 4th.

Gleason Jr. checked on an electronic sign for in front of Town Hall.


Miller-Borg is trying to get ways together on how to notify the citizens of Steele about Town closings, garbage delays, library closings, and bad weather either by phone, text

or e-mail.




Council Minutes

January 17, 2017

Page 3


There being no further business, motion made by Miller-Borg to adjourn, 2nd Barnes, adjourned at 7:35 p.m..