February 18, 2020

COUNCIL MINUTES -February 18, 2020

The Town Council of the Town of Steele, Alabama, met in Regular Session at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at Steele Town Hall. Upon roll call the following members were present:

Present: Roger Adams, Mayor
Richard Reynolds, Councilmember Michael Stevens, Councilmember Philip Gleason Jr., Councilmember

Absent:Rick Barnes, Councilmember Nancy Miller-Borg, Councilmember

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Adams, who then asked Councilmember Stevens to lead everyone in a word of prayer.

The Town Council having read the minutes from the Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2020, motion was made by Councilmember Gleason Jr to approve the minutes, seconded Councilmember Reynolds and approved by the Town Council.

Ayes: Gleason Jr., Stevens and Reynolds Nays: None.

The Town Council reviewed the January financial reports.

Steele Citizen Tammy DeWeese asked that her property on 115 Luke Dr. be annexed into the city limits. An ordinance will be written up and read at the next Council Meeting.

The purchase of Tahoes for the police department was discussed at the last Council meeting. An amount of $46,581.64 was given as total cost at that time. Mayor Adams stated that figure was incorrect as it did not include the cost of a radio and camera. These items would add an additional $2984.40 to the cost of the Tahoe, bringing the total cost to
$46,562.04. At the last Council meeting the purchase of two tahoes was discussed, Mayor Adams feels that now the town only needs one. Councilmember GleasonJr asked if it would be immediately ready for use. Mayor Adams responded that they would be ready sometime in April and would be ready for immediate use at that time. Councilmember Reynolds ask if the camera from the older Tahoes could be used. Councilmember Gleason Jr asked which of the current vehicles would be sold 1st; the silver Tahoe or the Crown Victoria.
Mayor Adams didn’t know but stated it would be sold the same way that the Town has sold vehicles previously. He stated that the Town currently owes lOK on one vehicle, with a monthly payment of approximately $700. Motion was made to approve the purchase of one Tahoe by Councilmember Reynolds with the stipulation that it will be decided at the next Council meeting the method of payment for the vehicle; seconded by Councilmember Stevens.

Bids for painting the interior of the Community Center were opened. Mayor Adams stated that it had been 10 years since it had been painted. Four bids were received, they were as follows: Keith Pinkston – $2800.00, Cody Peppers Painting – $1750.00, Rodney Adams –
$5,600.00, Brian Holderfield – $2968. Councilmember Reynolds suggested that we contact the lowest bidder (Cody Peppers Painting) and get more details of what he will do. He suggested that there should be a contract signed by both parties before the work is started.

Street resurfacing was started on Monday, February 17, 2020. Rain will delay the work this week.

Sam’s Club membership renewal for $45.00 was discussed. Motion made to approve by Councilmember Gleason Jr, seconded by Councilmember Stevens and approved by the Town Council.

Ayes: Gleason Jr., Stevens and Reynolds. Nays: None

James Mostella is requesting a road block for a girls 10 year old Softball team, “N.E. Elite”. They are a S0lC, based out of Rainbow City. They are a USA Sanctioned team and monies collected will be used for sanction fees, tournament fees etc. Mr. Mostella has a Steele address. Councilmember Reynolds suggested that they do the roadblock on hwy 11 as doing it near the interstate would be unsafe. Motion made to approve the roadblock by Councilmember Stevens, seconded by Councilmember Gleason Jr. and approved by the Town Council.

Ayes: Gleason Jr., Stevens and Reynolds Nays: None

Mayor Adams brought up a Firefighters Conference and asked Chief Martin to explain. Chief Martin stated that the conference would be May 13 -16, 2020 and would include lectures, hot classes (hands on training). Chief Martin, Firefighter Green, and Firefighter Fuller would attend. Chief Martin stated that Firefighter Fuller would greatly benefit as he just recently completed fire school. The conference is 5:00 am – 5:00 pm. Cost is $355.00 for classes, and $391 for hotel. Motion was made to approve by Councilmember Reynolds, seconded by Councilmember Gleason Jr. and approved by the Town Council.

Ayes: Gleason Jr., Stevens and Reynolds Nays: None ยท

Councilmember Stevens stated that he had contacted Cory Ramsey on placing a dumpster for the citizens to use. He stated that he had ordered a 40 yard dumpster.

Mayor Adams thanked all who helped with the 1st Responder dinner. He stated that he especially wanted to thank Gail Hyatt and Lorraine Smith for their involvement in decorating and putting it on.

With there being no further business to come before this Regular Council Meeting of February 18, 2020, Councilmember Reynolds made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded Councilmember Stevens, adjourned at 7:03PM.

Roger G. Adams – Mayor